The Gift Program


Forever Wild GIFT is designed as an easy-entry fundraiser program that honors our oceans by giving back. Here’s how it works: Forever Wild partners with community organizations to sell seafood online. Forever Wild manages product sourcing, e-commerce transactions, shipping and handling, and collaborates on marketing. Partners receive 70% of net-profits. 20% goes back to the sea. As a low-profit LLC, Forever Wild gets 10%.

Forever Wild GIFT begins with salmon jerky from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Forever Wild jerky is only available online and when associated with a fundraiser, delivered directly to you. A direct-to-consumer marketplace is the best way to insure the highest value to our fishermen and Partners.

We thank our Partners for joining Forever Wild to craft a gift economy rich with benefits. We also thank those who inspire us: the indigenous cultures who have relied upon the wild for time immemorial, and Newman’s Own, who showed how the marketplace can give back. Become a partner today.

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